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    The Chestee is a padded, protective product developed by seasoned Athletes who were looking for better training products, and a way to protect their collarbones from bruising sustained from contact with the barbell. (Think: front squats, push jerks, thrusters, etc). After months of competition and training beta-testing, we decided to put our findings to good use.

    Our Mission is to provide a quality, functional and stylish, protective garment that will stand up to our athletes’ training and competition protocol, day in and day out. It is our intent that our carefully manufactured products will enhance sport performance and collarbone comfort for every athlete who puts on a Chestee.

    Whether you are completing a front squat super set, attempting a Clean & Jerk PR, doing thrusters in your workout, or testing out Grace, the Chestee will be there to ensure your comfort, style and safety is not comprised.

    What Makes Chestee Different

    We offer the first patent-pending solution to a very common problem, in a variety of stylish designs and colors, while at an affordable, competitive price so athletes have the freedom of selecting more than just one. Because we know that when you look good, you feel good too!

    Another differentiator for us is the Anti-microbial (yes! this means “anti-stink!” too) material found in the Chestee, which greatly reduces the ability of microorganisms to grow on the surface of the material, creating a longer use for the athlete, and a healthier way to train. We have incorporated the leading findings in technology-based training tests to provide compression material in the Chestee which accommodates the contours of the athlete’s clavicle area to anchor the product in place.

    Chestee Design

    The designs in the Chestee collection were developed by a conglomeration of industry professionals including Fashion consultants, Retail Chains, Public Relations executives, Physical Therapists, Individual Gym/Box Owners, and Games Athletes. The result is a multi-faceted protective shirt that appeals to a variety of athletes and sports fanatics, and has proven to grow very popular in the Crossfit arena. The closed-cell natural rubber found in the Chestee allows tiny air cells to exist within the material. This gives it the spring and flex needed to provide the athlete with total freedom of movement. This, combined with the stylish design and color offerings has made us the stand-out product of 2014! We are also very pleased to sponsor numerous elite athletes: please visit our social media pages and blog for more information.

    Why Wear the Chestee

    The Chestee was created for every day training, and specific competition movements. So, this means preventative technology, and not just repairing old injuries...but we handle that too. We know that a key to a strong athletic career is maintaining optimal fitness, which can only be done by minimizing injury and maintaining preventive training habits. The Chestee’s anatomically shaped clavicle protection offers warmth and pressure relief, providing improved coordination. The specialized stitch-technology offers the athlete great range of motion and mobility, free of restriction, for daily training and injury prevention.

    The Chestee concept was born out of competition about 5 years ago. Our founder, Nicole, was competing in a CrossFit competition in Miami, and coming into that competition she already had a sore collarbone from the front squats she had done that week. In the middle of a Clean & Jerk event, she stuffed her shirt into the straps of her sports bra to provide a barrier between her collarbone and the barbell. Although it helped a little bit, she was sore and bruised for 6 days after that competition-and she knew then, she needed to create a real solution. 




        The Chestee